NoisyEgg’s Cyber Monday Offer – 50% discount on all packages

2014 Cyber Monday Offer

We at NoisyEgg are excited to announce our Cyber Monday Offer. Starting just after midnight on Monday the 1st of December the all our NoisyEgg packages will be half price…and here’s the crazy part…the offer lasts until midnight on Sunday the 7th of December. All you need to do is add the code ‘cybermonday‘ to your purchase […]

How to choose a domain name | Setting up a website

How to choose a domain name

“A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.” Well, that may be true of Romeo. But when you need to choose a domain name for your website, you would be better off paying attention to what name you choose. How do I choose a domain name? You want your domain name to be […]

How to disable directory browsing | A WordPress tutorial

How to disable directory browsing WordPress tutorial

A recommended WordPress tutorial In this WordPress tutorial we will show you how to disable directory browsing. Your WordPress website is built up in a certain structure and within that structure are a number of folders i.e wp-content, uploads (where images and other media items are stored once you upload them through your WordPress dashboard), […]

The real key to Marketing your business | The meaning of True Grit

Marketing your business

What matters most when Marketing your business? We’ve talked a bit about marketing before, but today we’re going to talk about it from a slightly different angle. We’ve gone over aspects related to building a marketing strategy and given you tips about setting up your marketing plan, but there’s a very important aspect that we […]

What Faction does your business belong to? | A Divergent business model

What faction do you belong to

I was recently discussing marketing with a friend, who also happens to be a huge Divergent fan and the discussion took a strange twist but left me with an interesting concept. If you’re not familiar with Divergent, it’s a book about a dystopian Chicago where the society has been divided into five factions. Each of […]

How to create a slideshow in WordPress | A WordPress tutorial

create a slideshow presentation with wordpress

Create a slideshow in WordPress Have you ever needed to create a presentation for clients to view on your site. Normally these would be made using the notorious PowerPoint and then uploaded to an online service where people could view them. Wouldn’t it be easier if you were able to create a slideshow in WordPress […]